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Ansel F. Hall, was a remarkable man. Watson Smith described him as "a rare combination of romantic idealist and practical business man. He was an instinctive teacher and had a deep feeling for youth as well as for nature."
Graduating from University of California in 1917 with a degree in forestry he joined the infant National Park Service as a ranger in Sequoia National Park. Leaving the Park service to serve in the military during World War 1 in France.

Coming home his leadership and competence found him chosen as
America's first Chief Naturalist and it's first Chief Forester.

He served as the first Park Naturalist of Yosemite National Park where he founded the Yosemite Museum Association which created a model for National Park Museums for generations to come.

Not caring for the political arena he turned down an assignment in Washington D.C. and left the park service in 1938 and subsequently moved his family to Mancos Colorado. Based in Mancos he founded Mesa Verde Company for improvement of visitor facilities in Mesa Verde National Park.

Among many of his projects he created and led the Rainbow Bridge Monument Valley Expedition, The Explorers Camp for Boys and several Eagle Scout expeditions.

187 pages, 161 B&W photos, 23 color photos

Toll free contact number 1 833 239 1261

Written by Merrie Hall Winkler
ISBN 978-0-692-29575-5

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