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Featuring Solutrean Technology with Bruce Bradley PhD


Solutrean Technology What is Solutrean Technology? How is this specific method of flintknapping unique? Watch as world renowned flintknapping expert Dr Bruce Bradley answers these questions through demonstrating the method used during this period of time.
Solutrean Technology has been indexed for optimum access, learning and teaching. Chapters include:
1) Initial bifacing
2) Platform preparation and controlled overshot flaking
3) Square edge removal and error correction
4) Alternate flaking
5) Regularizing and thinning
6) Asymmetrical approach

Filmed on location in Bossay sur Claise, France Dr Bruce Bradley is a leading expert on the making of stone tools. He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology with the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, and is busy researching new findings world wide
84 min

Bonus Feature: Lab Specimens on location: Les Maitreaux Location: Bossay-Sur-Claise, France
22 min
Total running time 106 min

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