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Navajo Weavers
Navajo Weavers
The Unchanging Artist of the Southwest

Navajo Weavers
A film by Jonathon Williams.

Follow the trail of the origins of Navajo weavings from discoveries at Canyon Del Morto to weavings found in Trading Posts, collections and Museums today.

Beautiful footage of daily chores… such as the taking out of sheep in the morning.
Learn the timeless relationship between the weaver and the trader.
Rare scenes of everyday life…passing on the traditions from one generation to the next.
This film shows the Navajo way of life” behind the scenes” to give the viewers a better understanding of the traditions that influence the creation of their art.

This film is made possible by The Historic Cameron Trading Post. “Discover what we have spent a lifetime learning!”

Executive producer Atkinson Trading Co
A film by Jonathon Williams
Copyright Atkinson Trading Company, Inc 1991

DVD $19.95

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