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Mesa Verde National Park Centennial "Then and Now"
Screen Saver


Produced in cooperation with the Mesa Verde Museum Association. The Mesa Verde Museum Association (MVMA), a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, was authorized by Congress and established in 1930, assists and supports various services, interpretive & educational programs, and visitor services at Mesa Verde National Park. MVMA is the second cooperating association formed in the United States. Since its inception the museum association has offered visitors access to information that enables them to more fully appreciate the cultural and natural resources in Mesa Verde National Park and the Southwestern United States.
This Screen Saver was developed to celebrate Mesa Verde National Park's Centennial celebration. It:
* Continuously cycles through 42 high resolution images that stretch or shrink to fit any screen size.
* Interpretive text with images
*Choose any image as your desktop wallpaper.
* Easy to install and use.
Includes Images of Mesa Verde National Park's major dwellings. Each dwelling transitions from pre-stabilization to todays spectacular beauty. Enjoy images of some of Mesa Verde's first rangers, automobiles, roads, campers, and tribal dancers. See how they have changed. .
Windows 98, 2000, XP or later

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