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Cattlemen and The Miners

These two films on one video tape, are from the Colorado Historical Siciety. They were made in the 1960's to teach school children these important phases of Colorado history
. THE CATTLEMEN opens looking over the vast western plains, which the 16th century called "Cibolla", land of the mighty buffalo. In the mid 1800's, 15 to 20 million buffalo were grazing on the great Plains. This film follows the development of the cattle industry from the early days of the longhorn drives, through the establishment of ranches to twentieth century ranching industry.
THE MINERS in Colorado. Gold brought men to Colorado to mine, build towns and eventually turn the territory into a state (1875). But it wasn't easy. Supplies ran low, prices ran high. Only stubborn men stayed. This film traces the history and importance of mining in the development of the state. It includes the raucous history of the gold and silver rushes and booms as well as the exploitation of other minerals.Old--yes, but an important teaching tool and just as relevant today as when it was made. Total running time is 47 minutes. VHS (NTSC) and now DVD

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