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INTERpark's "Mesa Verde with Dr Robert Lister"


From the time of Christ,the Ancient Puebloan Indians lived in the Four Corners Country--that Southwestern region of the United States where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona come together and then they mysteriously vanished. What they left behind are massive stone cities crouched low on mesa tops, nestled in natural caves and along shear canyon walls. These are some of the oldest, largest and most beautiful prehistoric ruins in North America. This splendid National Park Service film captures the serene, awsome, legendary spirit of the indian dwellings at Chaco Canyon, Betatakin, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Aztec, and other exciting sites in the San Juan system. The film captured the coveted Golden Ciene award for excellance in the use of several images at one time. It is 60 minutes in length.
DVD bonus feature - Centennial Slide Show
Over 150 images of Mesa Verde past and present

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