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INTERpark's "Remembering Old Chaco Canyon"


This program documents a lecture given by Florence Lister and Gwinn Vivian, sponsored by the "Four Corners Lecture Series" and located at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center on April 22, 2010. The lecture focuses on Florence and Gwinn and their experiences as young archeologists at the Chaco Culture National Historical Park. What was it like being on the front end of discovering the significance of Chaco Canyon? Hear it from two of the original archaeologist that lived the experience.

DVD fomat 155 minutes.

Indexed for covenience chapter location.

Chapters include:
1) In The Begining
2) University of New Mexico Field School
3) The Story of Threatening Rock
4) The Beginning of The End of The Good Old Days
5) Gwinn Vivian On Becoming An Archaelogist
6) Excavating Chaco
7) A Letter From Gordon Vivian
8) About the Lister Fellowship/Crow Canyon Archaeological Center/Credits


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